External battery bidding plan in July 2019

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2019 July and other external battery bidding program

I. Bid,

Material namewarehouse nameNumber of basic unitsNumber of commonly used unitsQuote
FragmentationBattery scrap7.2749.22 
FragmentationBattery scrap2253.09232903.9994 
PERC single crystal - blue film front fragmentBattery scrap825.2287944.6682 
PERC single crystal - blue film after debrisBattery scrap4620.75488813.0752 
PERC single crystal - one two three standingBattery scrap1137.26114174.7066 
PERC single crystal - finished product 2Battery scrap1707.84169822.8029 
PERC single crystal - finished 3/4 chipBattery scrap201.4620032.6154 
Total10,752.821114441.088Total Amount

Second, the tendering rules and precautions

1Please provide the quotation and company qualification and billing information for each bidding company. The guarantee water bill is stamped with the official seal of the company.

2 This bidding adopts the open and unified bid opening method, and the price is higher.

3 bid security of 20,000 yuan. After the winning bid, the deposit will be converted into payment and deducted from the payment. If the company fails to win the bid, the deposit will be refunded within 5 working days.

4 Margin Remittance to Company Account: China Construction Bank Corporation Yancheng City South Branch,

Jiangsu Runyang Yueda Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd.

Bank number: 1053 1105 0382,

Account: 3205 0173 5038 0977 6600

1. After receiving the invitation, or obtaining the quotation bid through other means, you can go to the Yancheng factory to see the goods as soon as possible, (or direct quotation) as soon as possible to calculate and quote.

3 Bidding Method:

1, this bid is divided into 2 targets. Bidders may bid on either the subject or multiple bids at the same time. (Caihua and Yancheng separate bidding)

2 This bidding will be sent to our bidding email by e-mail quotation method: ryzhaobiao@runergy.cn .

3, the time is: July 11th, 10:00-10:15, the opening process will record the entire video to show justice.

4, quotation method: by wire transfer, self-raising, including tax, invoicing price bidding.

5, the final interpretation is owned by Runyang.

Note: Each bidder can make the bidding materials in advance, the mail is set to be sent regularly, and the materials are made into PDF files. Do not provide them as pictures to avoid receiving problems due to the size of the attachments. . The receiving problem caused by the excessive attachment is the responsibility of the bidder.

Note: All emails received within 15 minutes are valid. More than 10:16 points and subsequent mails will be processed according to invalid bids. On the day of the opening of the bid, the result of the bidding will be directly returned by mail

After the tender result is announced, the winning bidder should contact the sales department or the familiar sales manager to handle the delivery procedures. Thank you for participating.

Three, no issues, or please contact Runyang Company

Sales Center-Advanced 18691886255

Please ask other sales managers to add their own contact information to provide consulting services to quoting customers.